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TECAT engineers have created a software package, WinKiva™, a windows-native Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of internal combustion engines. WinKiva™ is based on Kiva3V-R2 and is capable of solving fluid flow, fuel sprays, and combustion within any type of internal combustion engine. We have used WinKiva™ to develop a family of clean-sheet military inwardly-opposed 2-stroke diesel engine prototypes. WinKiva™ has also been used to develop emissions models of both 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines over a range of bores and strokes for Advisor, the ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The following animations illustrate the value of virtual engine simulations for design and development:

Streamlines, fuel spray, and heat release iso-surfaces for a 2-valve direct injection diesel with a mexican hat piston crown

Larger video: 1.6MB

Iso-Surfaces of NOx production during diesel engine combustion

Larger video: 2.1MB

Isothermal-surfaces within a port-injected gasoline engine during the second engine cycle after a cold-start

Larger video: 2.0MB

Fuel spray and Isothermal-surfaces within a port-injected gasoline engine during the first two engine cycles after a cold-start

Larger video: 2.6MB

Using WinKiva, TECAT Engineering can readily generate complex grids, including valves, ports and manifolds, for full cycle analysis. The following list summarizes the features of WinKiva™:
  • Based on Kiva3V-R2
  • Windows Native (Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP)
  • 'Block-Fill' Technique for Rapid Grid Generation of Complex Geometries
  • Transition Regions / Rapid Grid Generation of Induction & Exhaust Systems
  • Improved Grid Snapping for 2-Stroke Applications
  • Dynamic Local Grid Refinement During Injection
  • Sequential Cycle Solutions
  • Improved Algorithms Eliminate SIE Errors and Drastically Reduce Solution Time
  • Complete Cycle Chemistry Modeling with improved Time-steps
  • New Generalized Surface Velocity Numerical Algorithm Improves Solution and Increases Time-Step
  • Improved Film Spreading Model Negotiates Logical Grid Edges
  • Improved Radical Species Formation Soot Model
  • High-Quality Visualization of Flowfields, Heat Release, Spray Pattern, etc.

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