Engine Controls

Multi-Pulse Fuel Controller

The TECAT team has developed an injection management system (TIMS) based on a multi-pulse digital fuel controller. The controller can deliver up to 63 injection schedules per engine cycle. The specifications for the controller and driver shown here are:

  • 125 ns duration resolution
  • ¼ degree timing resolution
  • 1ms duty cycle resolution
  • optional overdrive pulse voltage
  • gating for ultrasonic horn actuation
  • closed loop PWM pressure regulation



TIMS is one of the most advanced fuel controllers available, with cylinder by cylinder control, and 6 ADCs per cylinder. It has been used in the prototyping phase of several engine technologies with impressive results. The trace shown here shows three pulsed injections (yellow), with durations of 0.3, 0.75 , and 0.3 ms respectively. The blue trace shows the cylinder pressure for a prototype camless diesel engine at an idle speed of 480 rpm. This injection strategy eliminated combustion noise and produced smooth operation at idle. The TECAT Engineering team also greatly reduced total cyclic fuel for our customer with TIMS in place.



View a sample of our 8 pulse fuel injector. Each pulse has a 0.15ms duration, with 0.25ms between pulses.

8 pulse injection avi (9.4MB)

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